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Testimonials From:

  Senior Executives


"Be smart , be fast, be willing to break free from the status quo."
—Barry Wishner

  "Your upbeat, fast tempo style was just the pace we needed to keep the attention of the audience. I'm confident our guests picked up ideas they have already taken back to their agencies and implemented. That is the mark of a really effective speaker." — President, CEO and Chairman, State Auto Insurance Companies

"I have been going to meetings and listening to speakers for years, and I would give you an 'A' for your spirit, content, humor, customization and caring for your audience. I would then put you on a short list as one of the best speakers I've ever heard." — President, Dealer Service Corporation

"From the moment you walked on stage, your energy and excitement filled the room and by the end, your enthusiasm had infected everyone. They left buzzing with your name on their lips and a smile on their faces. As a results, we won kudos for selecting you." — CEO, VNAA

"Your execution message was one we can all benefit from in both our businesses and personal lives. It's good to know we're not alone in struggling to be the best." — Executive Vice President, LandAmerica

"Your presentation, 'Execution is Everything,' helped our management group rethink, realign and restructure our way of managing. In your words, we all had a 'reality check,' coming away from your early morning session charged! You enlighten us, motivated us to focus on the way we lead, and helped us to create a new management plan - all the while keeping us delightfully entertained!" — COO, Terrace Communities

"I would definitely recommend your program to any group of leaders in any type of company. I have heard many speakers over the last 38 years and I put you in the top 3." — Executive Vice President, Brookshire Grocery

"As you pointed out, what's lacking in leadership today is the courage to change, do things differently and then to execute those changes throughout the organization." — CEO, CHS

"Your humor provided that special touch that allowed us to leave the conference feeling good and looking toward the challenges of the future with confidence. I have heard a number of conference closing speeches over the last few years and yours has been the best yet." — Executive Vice President and COO, Xerox Federal Credit Union

"It was obvious that your unique insights enabled you to bring to the group an interesting and timely cross industry perspective as to what the best leaders are doing to thrive in these ‘extraordinary’ times. As our closing speaker you left us ready and eager to put into action all we have learned at the conference." — Vice Chairman, Association of California Healthcare Districts

"The extra time you took to learn more about some of us personally, was a masterful way of customizing your speech and drawing the agents into your message. In addition, your high energy, professional - and fun - presentation kept us focused. Thanks so much for your contributions to what proved to be among our best Leaders' Conferences ever." — CEO, President and Chairman, State Auto

"Beyond a doubt you knew the audience better than any speaker I have ever experienced. Every Story, Every Strategy, Every Example you used were relevant, real world examples that were designed by you to be applicable to our businesses." — Vice Chairman, Travel Centers of America

"Several members of this international audience, representing over 100 countries, mentioned how much they enjoyed your presentation. It was obvious that you understood who we are and what our industry is about. Your ideas were ones that everyone could understand and put into action whether in the the US, Brazil, China or Germany." — President, True North Relocation LLC

"I enjoyed your friendly and conversational style and wish I could bottle your excitement and energy. It was infectious and got us involved in the action. The whole presentation was filled with ideas and helpful stories that provided an action plan for achieving future successes." — Senior Vice President and CFO, Summerville Senior Living

"You successfully held the attention of 800 participants and left them wanting more. It was by far the most lively and well-received program we ever had." — Executive Director, American College of Health Care Administrators

"Your message was valuable and with your humor and wonderful stories you were able to illustrate how to execute for success. You left us feeling good about ourselves and eager to put into action all of the important things we learned at this meeting." — CEO, IKON

"I took your message back to my staff on how important it is to be unique among our competitors and with our clients. This group really appreciated how you cleverly designed the material for our industry and wove the names of our leaders and their stories throughout the presentation." — President and CEO, Central Coast VNA

"We related to your message because it was so clearly designed just for us. I left feeling good about myself, intellectually stimulated and ready to create my own battle cry. Thanks for the laughs and unique information. Great job!" — President, Health At Home

"'Dare To Be Different' should be our motto. You kept us laughing as you challenged us to execute change in our business and stimulated excitement for being innovative both personally and professionally." — COO, Farm Credit, Colorado

"As our keynote speaker, Mr. Wishner set an energizing and motivating tone that lasted throughout our conference for the next three days. I found myself and others referring back to the principles spoke about in his presentation, and I believe it laid a great foundation for what we set to achieve at the conference." — Senior Vice President Sales, TQ3Navigant

"You knew the audience so well that you were able to call on people by name and share some special information about their successes and their business which made it a very personal experience for the group." — President and Chairman, DELL Forwarding

"You shared ways of implementing change in terms we could relate to. You made me challenge myself and encouraged us all to 'go for it.' The inspiring stories from your CEO interviews and your research of our industry held our attention as you shared information that would be helpful to any business." — Senior Vice President, Stop & Shop Supermarket Company

"Because you had prepared so well, it was easy to see that this was a program created specifically for this group. You guaranteed a good exchange with us and delivered on that promise as you presented real issues with credible solutions." — President and CEO, First Republic Bank


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"When your presentation ended I was energized, and inspired to go out and try something new. On a scale of 1 to 10 yours was a perfect 100!" —
Vice President Commercial South America, General Electric Power Systems

"We're privileged to attend a program so filled with valuable information imparted with such passion and creativity." — Client Manager, IBM

"You have the passion of Tom Peters and the content of Jim Collins. I would recommend any group who has the desire to get to the top and stay there to have you as their wake up call." — General Manager, Institutional Wholesale Company

"I cannot tell you how exceptional his energy, humor, and up-to-the minute ideas were! Barry captivated our audience and impressed all who attended our event. His information was relevant, topical and to the point. We hope to have the opportunity to have him in front of our group at another event." — Vice President Business Development, TQ3Navigant

"By sharing ideas from leaders in other industries you were giving them a different perspective on what it takes to make it to the top." — Vice President Agency Marketing, RBC Liberty Insurance

"Each sentence you spoke was packed full of information. Your years of experience with successful leaders gave you credibility as you spoke of what it takes to be a savvy leader today." — Executive Director, Health System, McKesson

"Your presentation was great… full of energy and a friendly kick in the pants for us to take action! It was refreshing to hear a speaker who knew our industry and showed a sincere interest in our business. You talked as though you were an industry veteran." — Vice President, Toledo Optical Laboratories

"The stories you told about other businesses and their companies reinforced your message. You made sure it applied to all of the listeners at the conference and how we could execute a plan to leave our competition in the back of the pack." — General Manager, Hoya Vision Care

"In a humorous fashion you gave us all reason to pause and reflect on ourselves, our lives, our hopes and dreams, and our successes." — Director of Pharmacy, McKesson

"It was ingenious the way you used your pre-program interviews and research of our group to come up with futurist Wall Street Journal articles that were written just for us. They were filled with optimism and encouragement to reach the goals each of us has planned for ourselves." — General Manager, Continental Refrigerator

"Over more than a decade of engaging speakers for business events, seldom have I seen a speaker do so much 'up front' work as you. The results were clear as you integrated the information into your presentation." — Commercial Leader E Business, General Electric

"Having the audience be part of your program created spontaneity and creativity. It left us with a thirst for more." — Vice President Financial Center, Washington Mutual

"Barry truly kept the audience on the edge of their seat with his informative, fast paced program presented in a no nonsense matter. He truly is someone who everyone can relate to." — Executive Vice President, Eye Kraft Optical

"Avoiding DITWLY— 'Did It That Way Last Year' —is an example of the inspired way of illustrating your important message." — Vice President Business Development, Abbot Laboratories


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"Your presentation was the hi-light of the Jacuzzi Dealer conference. You are a "MAVERICK" and from the very beginning you had our attention with your crazy sense of humor and warm personality." — President and CEO, Bassemiers/Jacuzzi Dealer

"The best speakers make us laugh and you made us laugh a lot!! It felt as though you were part of us as you called individuals by name and used many of our success stories to illustrate your points. It was interesting to see that you related whether they were the new guys or one of the many seasoned professionals who were in attendance. I found myself getting a better grasp of the 'Big Picture' and the direction I want to take my business." — Financial Planner, Prudential Financial

"You achieved exactly what I was looking for. You entertained and informed. In short, you made me look good." — President Texaco Xpress Lube, Texaco

"As a keynote speaker you rock! You have a unique style and infectious spirit for creating business successes. You were a much needed wake up call. One who challenges the audience to look at everything they're doing and ask is it necessary and if not why am I doing it, and that is just the start." — President and CEO, American Backyard/Sundance, Woodard, Gloster Tropitone, Weber Dealer

"You have 'Business Savvy,' a good sense of what works in business and you have an even bigger talent for sharing that information with your audience. It's not often that I find myself thoroughly enjoying a program and benefiting from the ideas that were so obviously customized just for us." — Owner, Optical Wholesale

"In one short hour you made us laugh, challenged us to look at ourselves through the eyes of our customers and reminded us of why we love this business. All good stuff." — President, American Insurance Service

"This was a group of owners, production managers and engineers and you managed to spark excitement in them to be innovative in the way they think and take action. Personally I'm using your suggestion to have a meeting with my staff where they let me know the 'stupid things we do that don't contribute to our success.' Great Stuff." — President, FLXON

"Barry you were great! You were fun and down-to-earth as you created a sense of excitement among the group. You have a wealth of knowledge from your extensive work in other industries and executives and you translated it into useful ideas that we can readily use in our business. Afterwards there was lots of discussion about how inspiring you were and how creatively you looked at ways we can increase traffic in our stores and increase sales." — President and CEO, Prestige Hot Tubs


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  Sales / Top Producers

"Your program was good. Really good. Really really good! As you can tell, I had a great time listening to you. Never have I seen somebody as passionate about the essential elements of success. The word 'try' doesn't seem to be in your dictionary!" — Agent, RBC Liberty Insurance

"You're a character, a little bit off dead center, and your unconventional approach enhances your ability to get us thinking in new ways. Your closing words didn't disappoint—we left enthused and ready to take on the challenges ahead." — Vice President Sales, ADC Telecommunications

"After five pages of notes, I decided to regularly use one of your tag lines when I am on sales calls. I tell my clients that at I am the 'Financial Enrichment Business' and they're impressed. This is a powerful value statement and just one of the many keepers that I gained from your program." — National Sales Manager, TQ3Navigant

"If you were in school I would give you an 'A' for exceptional homework, for getting us involved, for making sure the message was on target and for showing us a great time." Your enthusiasm was infectious as you drew us in and kept us laughing throughout the presentation. The kind of energy you showed is what we should all strive for when we interact with our customers." — Investment Sales, AmSouth Bancorp

"What a thrill! You had our people talking about your presentation for days. We all appreciated the skill, style and expertise you brought to our meeting. I would recommend you for any audience looking to be inspired, entertained and challenged." — Director Sales and Marketing, Fujitsu/Glovia International

"I was amazed at how well you knew our company — you even knew people by name — and I was blown away when you recognized me as rookie of the year." — Sales Representative, ADM/ MoorMan's

"Our top producers appreciated the way you customized the program. Your humor literally had them rolling in the aisles." — Vice President Sales and Marketing, ADM

"Super Terrific!...I was in bad need of a wake-up and you truly did the job. You masterfully involved the audience, and I realized the warm and friendly personality we saw on stage was the real you." — Vice President Sales, Coach

"Your message brought a perfect balance to Tom Peters' program. You masterfully built on his Circles of Innovation and gave us practical strategies for putting our innovative ideas into action." — Senior Sales, O'Sullivan Industries


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  Audience Participants

"No gloom and doom in your show. High energy, persuasive style and unique sense of humor are characteristics that make you a powerful presence on stage. You opened my eyes to the importance of doing things in new ways to build sales." — Product Manager, Symantec

"There's no other business keynote speaker anywhere at any price who will give you the entertainment, motivation and business solutions Barry can!" — Staff, Smith Barney

"Your message...set the perfect tone for what was to follow. You Truly care about your audience. I found myself enjoying your humor as much as your insights." — Sales Consultant, Oracle

"Arguably yours was the most complete presentation I've attended. Bringing you in to open this year's annual meeting was inspired and whoever made the decision to hire you should be applauded. You managed to relate ways of differentiating ourselves that will help us grow regardless of the business climate and you set a positive tone that was the perfect start to our conference." — Graphics Manager, Peel Plastic Products Limited

"You were a little provocative, a lot entertaining and you provided a very practical message. You presented in such a way that you were believable and we left confident that we could put into action some of your many ideas." — Retail Consultant, TGLC, Younger Optics

"For three days of our meeting, people were referring to your opening presentation. You provided the perfect kick off. I was not only learning 'good stuff' but I was having a great time." — General Manager, Thomasville

"You are an encourager of people, a friendly kick in the pants, an energizer, a speaker who lives life loudly and were the perfect keynoter for the Annual Conference. We couldn't have asked for a better opening to our meeting." — President, Cini-Little International

"Your dynamite 'proformance' got everyone excited and the rest of the program fed upon the enthusiasm you created. It was filled with humorous anecdotes and personal stories that had us laughing with you and at ourselves. The energy you displayed was contagious as we willingly participated." — Director Business Development, Avery Dennison

"A great way to end a conference. I left feeling good about myself, intellectually stimulated and ready to create my own battle cry. Thanks for the laughs and unique information. Great Job!." — Program Director, Health At Home

"As the keynote, you successfully set the pace for the convention and created an aura of anticipation." — Manager Health Care Consulting, Ernst & Young

"You are Unique Among Speakers that I have seen... Unique Connection with the audience and a Unique Message. You expertly used the experience and success of the CEOs and executives you have interviewed and translated them into a message that we could all readily use with our staffs and clients alike." — National Account Manager, McCormick & Co.


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  Meeting Planners

"Barry, out of 98 speakers I worked with during our User Conference, you are number one." — Director Meetings and Conventions, Microsoft

"A first rate, truly customized keynote address. Your wit and humor coupled with your extensive knowledge made this program so successful." — Director Education, American Hospital Association

"Your program was just what we needed to end the conference on a positive, take action note. As you said it, they have to look at everything they're doing through a new pair of eyes and then execute the necessary changes." — Director Training, Frosty Acres

"It is not an easy task to select the 'right speaker' for the 'right audience' to present the 'right topic', but as others have told me we 'hit a home run' with Barry Wishner! Thanks for making me look smart!" — Director Business Development, Benjamin Moore Paints

"It was a wise move to have you start our day. I was inspired by your easy going style and the effort you made to make sure that your message was exactly what we needed to hear. It was obvious that you took the time to get to know us and our issues. Using your example, we must become solution focused for our clients." — National Sales Manager, TQ3Navigant

"My job as a lead facilitator for this conference was much easier because of Barry's contribution. Much time was spent exploring innovative ways to engineer success. That simply would not have happened without Barry's contribution." — Vice President, Ravenhouse International

"As the Chairman, I want to thank you for your keynote and making my job easier. I have never heard more positive feed back on any keynoter." — Vice President Programing, Equipment and Tool Institute

"You have a wonderful, infectious presentation style which readily engages the audience. The humor and audience interaction strengthened your connection with the listeners. It was a lively, thought provoking session that added to the success of the meeting." — Executive Director, American Organization of Nurse Executives


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