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Barry Wishner, leadership development speaker

Barry reveals the most
Compelling Questions
tomorrow's leaders will ask
to inspire and motivate
their teams to...
Stop Talking, Start Doing!

Tough Questions… Profitable Answers
Leadership At Work

Who Is Barry Wishner

Barry Wishner is a business leader, keynote speaker and writer who has served as a trusted advisor and confidante to business leaders.

He has conducted personal, in-depth interviews with more than 350 Fortune 500 CEOs. Based on these interviews and his on-going pioneering research of over 2000 high-powered business leaders, newsmaking entrepreneurs, award winning top producers and ground breaking innovators, Barry reveals …

What The World's Smartest Leaders
Do Differently!

A New Kind Of Keynote Program - it’s an interactive conversation where the audience participates as Barry Wishner delivers the straight talk on how 21st Century Leaders question all business assumptions, get off autopilot, and avoid Psychosclerosis "Hardening of the Imagination." The secret is to put everything you’re doing on trial, questions everything you think you know and have the courage to ask the critical questions that provoke innovative thinking.

Although Leaders
Are Paid To Have The Right Answers
Their Greatest Contribution May Be To
Ask The Right Questions!

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Discover how Barry Wishner’s interactive keynote will inspire and motivate your audience.

"Each sentence you spoke was packed full of information. Your years of experience with successful leaders gave you credibility as you spoke of what it takes to be a savvy leader today."
— McKesson

Barry Wishner
568 Eleanor Drive
Woodside CA 94062
Toll Free: 877-WISHNER
Phone: 650-364-2940
Fax: 650-367-0813

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