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Enjoy Barry's videos which demonstrate how he mesmerizes and interacts with his audiences with his down-to-earth style and upbeat and practical approach to business. Review the written material for content and view the video which represents his:

  • Entertaining Style and Universal Appeal to all audiences. He's not a "talking head" standing behind a lectern.
  • Customized Speech -- Guaranteed to be in sync with you and your audience.
  • Audience Interaction -- No PowerPoint, No Slides, No Video Projection -- just Barry center stage engaging the audience.
  • Use of humorous anecdotes and personalized stories to support his message.
  • Keynote/General Session programs for audiences from 100 to 3000.


"As our keynote speaker you rock! You have a unique style and infectious spirit for creating business successes. You were a much needed wake up call."
—American Backyard

Keynote Leadership Speaker
Trusted Advisor and Confidante To Business Leaders
(15-minute video)


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Tough Questions... Profitable Answers,
Leaders Create Value & Ask The Right Questions
(1 min. 38 sec.)


What Business Are You Really In?
(3 min. 45 sec.)

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Leaders Master and Execute
The Fundamentals
(1 min. 59 sec.)


Dare To Be Different
(1 min. 42 sec.)

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Leadership Characteristics:
Charisma and a Sense of Humor
(1 min. 8 sec.)


Leadership "ROI"
Return On Innovation
(2 min. 15 sec.)


Speak To Barry In Person

A one-on-one phone call with Barry gives you the opportunity to hear firsthand how he will design a program that is uniquely personalized for your group, focusing on your objectives and outcomes.

Call Barbara Basch at 650-364-2940 or email to arrange a time on his calendar.

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Discover how Barry Wishner's interactive keynote will inspire and motivate your audience.


Barry Wishner
568 Eleanor Drive
Woodside CA 94062
Toll Free: 877-WISHNER
Phone: 650-364-2940
Fax: 650-367-0813

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