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Speakers Can't Afford

To Give Audiences

The Same Old Line

  Return On Speaker Investment (ROS)  

Barry Wishner Believes That...

Today's well educated, savvy audiences deserve more than a canned presentation.

Below is a checklist to guarantee great Return On Speaker — to make sure you're not hiring another "me too" homogenized speaker.

"Your message was valuable and your wonderful stories illustrate how to execute for growth."
—IKON Office Solutions Group

R.O.S. Return On Speaker — Investment!

  • You get what you pay for and a lot more.
  • Cross Industry Perspective on how leaders adopt the strategy to make things happen.
  • Actionable, customized tools and tactics to help fill the leadership gap.
  • Practical original content which can be immediately applied and implemented by your participants.
  • Original leadership principles to improve individual and organizational performance.

Proven Track Record: CEO and Seasoned Leadership Speaker!

  • Conducted his own pioneering interviews of 350 Fortune 500 CEOs and over 2000 of America's most successful leaders on how they get it right... get it done.
  • Experienced Business Executive with over 30 years experience with private and publicly traded companies.
  • Founder and CEO of DMC, a management consulting firm with over $50 million in revenue. From Brooklyn to the Boardroom; growing up in humble circumstances, he adopted "Street Smarts" to survive and to fight for what he wanted. Being a maverick came naturally and B.S., "Brooklyn Smarts" have formed his life experiences.
  • A sounding board to over 2000 business executives including Fortune 500 CEOs. Barry knows what makes them tick and what separates the successful leaders who are doers from those that fall by the wayside.
  • Adjunct professor with Golden Gate University and City College of San Francisco School of Management.
  • Former Captain in the U.S. Air Force where he worked under the Surgeon General.
  • Keynote speeches for over 20 years to Executive Teams of CEOs, Boards of Directors, Senior Executives and Entrepreneurs where he Helps Successful Leaders Get Even Better!

Interactive Keynotes — Like You've Never Experienced Before!

  • A down-to-earth delivery style that comes from Barry's ability to speak center stage — no podium, no power point or notes. This enables an intimate connection with your audience where they can have a meaningful two-way conversation.
  • Reveals why the secret to thriving in uncertain times is to think of the future in the form of a question — What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?
  • Incorporates the names and stories of people who are actually sitting in the audience from his pre-program interviews.
  • Uses your industry terminology and buzz words demonstrating that he's familiar with your industry and the issues and challenges facing your audience.
  • Recognizes individual audience members for their successes and accomplishments.
  • Delivers an entertaining and insightful leadership program with examples from successful cutting edge business leaders that hold audience's attention for 60-120 minutes.
  • Has the uncanny ability to translate corporate jargon into simple everyday language that your audience will enjoy and can relate to. Simply… What works in the real world.
  • Funny and thought provoking. His enthusiasm and humorous anecdotes provide an atmosphere where your audience will laugh while they learn.

Barry Wishner's keynote personalized to your audience!

  • Does his homework. Barry's pre-program interviews of 8-10 of your audience members guarantees a thought provoking program that speaks their language and incorporates their real life stories into the program.
  • On site visit to your business.
  • Includes the wisdom and the lessons learned from successful Leaders/CEOs in your industry.
  • Provides content in a different way… before, during and after your meeting, making the experience more memorable, more meaningful and more effective.

Barry's audiences are better off after his presentation!

  • Leaves the audience challenged to put everything they're doing on trial and ask thought provoking questions such as "What are the dumbest, stupidest things I'm currently doing?" and "Is what I am doing necessary?"
  • Answers the question... What is the value of asking tough questions?
  • Leaves the audience with passion and commitment to become unstuck and overcome organizational inertia.
  • Audiences refer to his stories and quotes long after his program.
  • Provides real world examples of how successful leaders continuously ask questions and achieve remarkable results.
  • Designs a customized Leadership Blueprint and Leadership Quiz which enable all of the audience members to gauge where their business is and how to go to the next level.
  • Guarantees to leave everyone with the confidence to "asses the present," the courage to "ask questions about the future" and the commitment to "make things happen.”
  • Leaves them with the realization that ... if you want to make it happen, you've got to make it happen.

Maximize Your Return On Speaker With Barry Wishner…

When The Message Matters And Results Count!

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Barry Wishner
568 Eleanor Drive
Woodside CA 94062
Toll Free: 877-WISHNER
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