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Barry's articles on the tough questions today's leaders must ask, their business execution strategies and their uncommon leadership styles provide a glimpse into how the best in business climb to the top and stay there. They're filled with Barry's own personal observations from his many years as a corporate executive, entrepreneur and sounding board for leaders in small, medium and Fortune 500 companies.


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"Whatever worked for you in the past won't work for you in the future."
—Barry Wishner


The Power of Execution... How Not To Get Things Done
  Dare To Be Different
  American Ingenuity... No Limits, No Boundaries
  The Power to Innovate


Barry has long been a student of the best practices of the most successful companies and their innovative leaders. Often he will find an exceptional practice or philosophy that he includes in his writings or presentations. Many years ago, United Technologies published a series of management do's and don't and put them in the form of poems which they have allowed us to use. Hope you enjoy them as much as we have.

Make Something Happen
  Don't Promise What You Can't Deliver
  Let's Get Rid of Management
  The Snake That Poisons Everybody
  Get Out of That Rut
  This Will Make You Feel Better
  Whatever Happened To "Yes, Please"?
  Aim So High You'll Never Be Bored
  The Dumbest Person In The World
  I Take Pride In My Work
  The Most Creative Job In The World


Barry Wishner
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